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Habte Dulla (PhD)

Habte Dulla (PhD)

Physics - Associate Professor, Vice President For Academic Afaires

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Education Background: BEd, M.Sc. and PhD in physics (condensed matter physics) 

Research Interest: Monte carlo simulations of transion metal nano clusters .


  1.  H. D. Berry and B. Wang, Q. F.Zhang The Behavior of Magnetic Properties in    the Clusters  of 4d Transition Metals. Journal Molecules 23,1896(2018)
  2.  H. D. Berry and Q. F. Zhang, B. Wang Theoretical Investigation of Existence of Meta stability in Iron and Cobalt Clusters. Journal of solid state communications 271,44-50(2018)
  3. H. D. Berry, T. E. Adea, A. L. Kura Assessment of Wind Power Potential of Six Sites in Southern   Ethiopia. Journal of Applied Physical Science International 7(4): 193- 198, 2016
  4. H. D. Berry, Series Expansion Method for exploring Critical Behavior in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors, Physical Science International Journal, 11(2):1-5,2016
  5.  H.D.Berry, Upper Critical Field of Superconducting Magnesium Diboride (???2),British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, Article no.BJAST.26148, 2016.
  6. H. D. Berry, The progress of spin glass state studies from 1972-2010 (review article). Journal of Applied Physical Science International 5(2), 2395, 2015
  7. H. D. Berry, Investigation of Disordered State in the Distribution of Diluted Interaction Coupling Using Ising Spin Model in Two Dimension Physical Science International Journal 6(4): 2015, Article no.PSIJ.2015.048
  8.  H. D. Berry, Thermodynamic Properties of Diluted Magnetic semiconductors ?1−?????(?=??,?? ??? ?= ?,??,??) Using Heisenberg Spin Model 3D Journal of Applied Physical Science International 2(3): 10 106, 2015
  9.  H. D. Berry, P. Singh, Numerical Simulation of Spin Glass State in Diluted Magnetic Materials Using Ising Spin Model in 2D with Distance Dependent interactions. Physical Science International Journal 4(7): 973 (2014).
  10. .H.D.Berry, P.Singh, The study of magnetic properties of ?1−?????(?= ??,?? ??? ?= ?,??,??) at critical region using high temperature expansion extrapolated with Pad? approximants journal of physical review and research international, Science domain 3(4):634 (2013)
  11. H. D. Berry, P. Singh, Monte Carlo simulation of 2D Ising spin glass with power law interactions. Journal of superconductivity and novel magnetism 26(8):991 (2013)
  12. H. D. Berry, P. Singh, The role of parallel tempering Monte Carlo simulation in 2D Ising spin glass system with distance dependent interactions. Journal of physical sciences and application 2(7):216(2012).
  13. H. D. Berry, P. Singh, Monte Carlo simulation of spin glasses using vector spin model in 3D. Journal of physical sciences and application 2(9): 340 (2012).

          Ongoing Research

  1. H. D. Berry and E. T. Jira, The study of transport properties ofdiluted magnetic semiconductors. Journal of physics: condensed matter (under review).
  2. H.D. Berry and D. Aboye, The Effect of electromagnetic perturbation on the optical properties study of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors.  Journal Molecules (under press to be published)
  3. Monte Carlo Simulations of Magneto-caloric materials (not finalized yet)
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