School of Law Background

The School of Law was established as school of law 2013/2014. The School has three major areas of activity in line with the mandates of Ethiopian higher education institutions. The first mandate is teaching students to be future experts of law. So far, 106 are enrolled in the regular program in under graduate program. In areas of research, the second mandate, the School is doing researches on legal and socio-legal issues.

 The School is also accomplishing big in terms of the community service, the third mandate. The school free legal aid Center is established in the form of a pilot project as of May 4, 2014. The center is currently managed by the research, community service and industry linkage coordinator of the school. Its service is currently restricted for the community in Wolkite town with two offices located in the town and prison administration. However, it is on the process to open additional offices in Butajera town, Yem Woreda and Endibir towns. The main objective behind the establishment of the center is to insure access to justice for the indigent and vulnerable groups.

 School Head- email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 School of Law, office: phone- +2511132200629

Fax: +251-113-302-415


The School of Law aspires to be among the leading School and center of excellence in the area of law by the year 2020.


The School of Law has a mission of offering high quality education and training, conducting demand driven and problem solving research and consultancy as well as community service in the area of Law.


  • Overall quality
  • Sustainable institutional development
  • Democracy and diversity
  • Competitive and creative
  • Effective and efficient utilization of resources
  • Collective work
  • Customers first
  • Rule of law

Organizational Structure

Wolkite University School of Law is restructured itself in the same way as the college as per the MU legislation. The constitutive units of the School are:

The School Council

According to the WKU legislation, the School Council is the highest management body of the School. It has the mandates and responsibilities stated in the Legislation. Within the school council, four committees, staff affairs, academic affairs, quality and curriculum and exam committees are established.

The School Dean

The School dean has mandates and responsibilities as per the WKU legislation.

Vice Dean

The school Vice dean will have the mandates and responsibilities as per the WKU legislation. This position will formally be approved soon.

Administrative Assistant

The Assistant supports the School Dean and the School Council in administrative activities. Hence, the assistant prepares School budget and report, administers the property of the School and is responsible to handle other instructions of the School dean.

  1. Research, community service and industry linkage coordinator

This office coordinates and supervise research’s, community service including the school legal aid and industry linkages from the law school perspectives.