Wolkite University,

College of Natural and Computational sciences,

Department of Biology


Biology department is one the pioneer departments which was founded with the university in 2004 E. C. Since then, it has been contributed a key role in providing skilled man power, conducting problem solving researches and delivering different community services.



  • To provide community and consultancy services aimed at capacity development and contribution to national development objectives within and outside the field of Biology.
  • It is committed to providing outstanding undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional education that will enable its diverse student body to attain their fullest potential intellectually, ethically, morally and socially and equip them with critical, analytical and imaginative skills they need to face real life challenges and play an active role in development efforts of the country.
  • It is Providing high quality training and conducting quality research that can promote scientific knowledge and societal development

Educational Goals

  • The department provides human power for different sectors, conduct problem solving researches and serving communities in different activities.
  • Enables students to acquire practical and technical skills required for the utilization of biological tools.
  • Produce responsible graduates that are committed to their professions.
  • Provide graduates who can design and apply the principles of biology to identify and solve societal problems related to agriculture, environment, health, industries, etc.
  • Produce competent persons imbued with a sense of social purposes and trained in science and technology, arts and various professions with a view to enhancing the socio-economic development of the Ethiopian society
  • Produce candidates for teaching biology in high schools and higher institutions of the country after taking the necessary pedagogical training.


Biology department



MSc holders

PhD Candidates

MSc Candidates

Shiferaw Alemu ( Dep’t Head)

Demeke Tegod

Eyerus Mekuriaw

Behailu Bizuayehu

Hunduma Tola

Nuredin Mohammed

Belete Assefa

Kebeta Legesse

Samuel Adugna

Demelash Sime

Mahlet Lemma


Destaw Mullualem

Mesfin Belete


Fikadu Legesse

Seyoum Kiros


Muley Alemsegid

Solomon Wagaw


Ashenafi T/Mariam

Tsegireda Haile


Zerihun Jida

Workia Ahmed


Zelalem Tefera

Yirga Enawgaw


Tesfaye Wolde (Assist. Prof)

Zerihun Asrat


Belachew Garedew


Dagne Abebe


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