Wolkite University

College of Engineering and Technology

Department of Fashion Design

 Fashion design program

The fashion Design program prepares students for entry level and management positions in a variety of fashion careers in such areas as retailing, design and fashion marketing or development.Program offerings include basic courses in fashion design.

  1. Objective Of The Department
    To develop creative, information seeking and analytical students with an ability to understand and provide solutions for current and future consumer and industry needs and issues, such as sustainability, related to apparel design, fashion industry and related areas.
  1. To enable students to apply theories and practical related to aesthetics, design, cultural, social, psychological and political aspects of dress, fashion and design to industry and social concerns.
  2. To provide students with the education and learning experiences that will prepare them for entry level positions, as well as inspire, motivate and give students the tools needed to progress through their careers.
  3. To provide students with an understanding of the international industries’ processes and the supply chains used in developing, producing, and apparel products.
  4. To prepare students for graduate studies in fashion design, fashion industry, apparel manufacturing and related areas.
  1. Mission & Vision Of The Department

Our mission is to provide customized education programs in a diverse and conducive environment for learning. We are committed to deliver the best in class education, training and academic research through our professional partnership programs and hone the skills of every student and prepare young minds and budding talent to face the challenges of today’s global work environment and society.

To mould each student with finer value systems which can help them be true art and design professionals with a holistic approach, is our vision.

Students at Wolkite University Department of Fashion Design

Fashion design department is launch in 2015/16 with 33 students by taking entrance exam to join this department and four instructors. And currently there is two batches which is first year and second year students. The total number of students on this department is 64.

 Laboratory class

There are different laboratory which are needed for fashion designer. And this department also has enough laboratories basically on work such as pattern making room, CAD room, sewing room, design room etc laboratory rooms are available under this department.

Studio room

This is also another basic room for fashion designer. Mainly this room is ready for the purpose of students to develop their skills, to display their works, to make their projects and assignments, to get an idea or inspiration… and in this room different facilities are available such as internet access, different fashion magazines, different drawing boards, display boards, computers…are some access which are in the display room.