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Wolkite university library directorate office

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The mission of Wolkite University library directorate office is to foster intellectual growth, academic success, and lifelong learning for the students and staff of the university .Wolkite university library  as serve the university community with different aspect of that adds a value in the teaching learning process by providing the relevant information resources like Books, magazine , newspaper , digital books , book copies , different videos , university’s documentations , different documented  indigenous knowledge   for students and university community.

Wolkite university library directorate office has 5 different sections to serve university’s community 24 hrs. Per days, namely

  1. Catalogue and Acquisition Section,
  2. Digital Section,
  3. Documentation and Reference Sections,
  4. Circulation Section
  5. Computer Laboratory Sections
  1. Catalogue and Acquisition Section

The bibliographic details like edition, year of publication, subject, key word, etc. Are prepared by this section the detail entered in this section are indexed on various fields like author ,title subjects classification number, key words ,etc and can beret rived through the OPAC service. You can see these books with an IP address of (KOHA cataloguing system)

On acquisition section work mainly gathers different books for the purpose teaching and learning and research process from market (purchasing), by donation, and by printing a softcopy to the library users. And also receiving requests from heads of departments for new book duplicate checking ordering accessing   of book s and processing bills for payment’s  are the main functions of this section . this section also have to work for binding different softcopy’s to process changing softcopy to hardcopy , and also maintaining different old books for the circulation sections that are aged  in different manors

  1. Digital library service

Automated and digital library services are provided from this section. We have KOHA cataloguing system and digital library software that are customized by this office, we have currently almost 50,000 books that are register in KOHA system( that are getting those books from purchasing , donation and copy some books which get some shortage in usage .we have also 15000 books that are digitally available on our system ( Now we are looking different soft copy from different resource (teachers, admin staff , from differ websites)  . when you get entry in the library you can search what kind of books are available in the branch library and then directly you can ask for the circulation workers to provide the requested books .we also update our KOHA and digital repository database when we get  updated information in the library

  1. Documentation and Reference Sections

The library has a good reference collection consisting of various students and lecturer research’s, magazines, newspaper brochures and leaflets about the universities, Ethiopia, and also about a glob having the futures of collecting or purchasing different encyclopaedias, dictionaries. Year book, published journals, of the national and international and coverage and other reference books. Here we have also different indigenous knowledge’s books for the community and for the country. We will be open this indigenous knowledge rooms separately


  1. Circulation Section

We have different book collection in different branch library namely (central, FBE, Engineering, Wolkite) having a seat of 5000 students at a time for all branches library. The circulation section is bring different books for the users based on requested with a hard copy from students timely (first degree student and second degree students and from lecturer and different admin and academics staff). We reserved also 150 seats for lecturers and second degree student with 128 internet connections. This section is giving a service 24 hr., per a day. we give borrowing service by giving pocket for our users especially for academic and administrator staffs that are 6 pocket and 4 pocket respectively and also for student we give this service especially for health and Low schools student

  1. Computer Laboratory Sections

We create internet service for desktop as well as for laptops in different branches. in Central library we serve almost 300 for desktop are connected with an internet and also for engineering we serve almost 200 laptop seat  are connected with internet at a time . This section also gives service for 24 hrs. for a student. In this section student can access a digital books that are available on university’s digital repository.

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