Staff Profile

Department of Agricultural Economics

1.Vision, Mission and Values of the 

1.1 Vission

By 2020 becoming among the top 6 departments of Agricultural economics in the country on its quality education, research and community service.

1.2 Mission

Through the policies and strategies of the country, generating citizens who are responsible, ethical and who develops a democratic culture by providing quality education. Moreover, upgrading the living standard of the society by conducting problem solving researches and making technology transformation accessible. 

1.3 Values

  1. Quality
  2. Sustainable institutional change
  3. Democracy and Diversity
  4. Innovation and competence
  5. Team work
  6. Serving people
  7. Transparency and Accountability
  • In the department there is 1 computer laboratory (Econometrics Lab) with 26 computers.
  • Class rooms allocated for the department are the following

                LTH: 129

                AGR: 03

                AGR: 08       

 Staff Profile