College of Engineering and Technology 

Department Of Construction Technology & Management




Subject: To notify the vision, mission and core values

As described in the title, the department of Construction Technology and Management submmiting to you the vision, mission and core values of the department as part of wolkite university. The document is attached with this cover letter.

With Regards

Vision 2020

To become First Top Department in Wolkite University.


To provide a coherent teaching process to construction technology and management students and other departments who are need of by linking the university with external industry. Not only this but also by conducting research for wolkite area construction related problem and giving community service particularly to society located around wolkite university and to the country as a whole

Core Values


As construction is the backbone of Ethiopia, Wolkite University is expected to graduate competent students to the construction industry through the department of CoTM.

O- Operational Excellence

To meet the vision and mission of the university and the department in particular we are building our operational excellence in teaching learning, research and community service.


Through the whole activities, processes and provision of the service we built our honesty in hard base

M- Magnificent

Producing a magnificent student to the construction industry through a practical teaching learning technique and conduction of community based research.