College of Medicine and Health Sciences

As one of the pioneered colleges, college of health science that came into being in 2005 E.C allowed to use its full effort for public health professionals at its beginning. Initially the college had hosted 56 Students, with 4 instructors. Since back the college showed remarkable achievements in the academic, research and in the provision of health care services. Currently it has five departments; namely: public health, medicine, midwifery, nursing and medical laboratory sciences. For these program a total of 1299 students were admitted and at this time they are getting their training.

 To aid the government’s most innovative program, the college gives an emphasis for training of Health professionals in large quantity and high quality; it also serves as a training center for the Zone. Since the FMoH and the university had given an emphasis the college is on establishing teaching hospital; hoped that it will start in the near future.

Apart from strengthening academic agenda; the college has been proactively conducting many multidisciplinary & health centric research activities, providing community services and involving in community based education programs to serve the surrounding community.

To realize the mental picture of the university the college employed 153 competent academic staffs that could run the commenced program effectively and efficiently. From 98 academic staffs on duty, thirty five are (35) Medical Doctors, twenty one (21) are Public health researcher (MPH), 15 are   biomedical researchers (MSc), seven (8) are nursing specialist and midwifery specialist (MSc) and 23 are BSc. staffs.

Till now, Variety of rigorous researches and community service projects have been designed and implemented in line with national and local thematic areas for research. Since it is a third Generation University till now   the college involved in around 50 scientifically robust researches and three community service projects have been implemented. Some of these research articles are submitted to peer reviewed international journals for publication and the output is communicated for relevant stakeholders to collaborate for intervention.

Future direction

College of medicine and health sciences aimed to achieve its mission by promoting itself to institution level by the year 2017/2018. Furthermore our college intends to launch master of public with human nutrition, reproductive health and epidemiology programs by the year 2018. To enhance community based education the college inspire to have its centers with complete facilities for students and staffs around three selected sites in our catchment area.


Public Health



Medical Laboratory Science