Wolkite University:

Department of Chemical Engineering

The department is striving to push the limitations of our people with the help of national strategy alongside the engineering frontier.


To be on the front line and first choice in solving societal problem by applying chemical engineering principles. 


Building a good reputation in our people by offering:

  1. I. High quality theoretical and practical educational service
  2. II. Undertaking advanced, Solution oriented plus applicable research programs
  • III. Dependable community services.


The department values to produce highly qualified chemical engineers to the society who is in quest to maximize its living standard by innovation, service and creativity.

4.Updated status

4.1.Active streams

The curriculum of the department includes four streams named:

  1. Chemical Process Engineering
  2. Environmental Engineering
  3. Food Process Engineering
  4. Biochemical Engineering streams.

As of now Chemical Process Engineering and Environmental Engineering streams are activated and Biochemical Engineering is planned to be active for the coming academic year.

5.Staff Profile

The educational weapon of the department is installed inside the brain of 33 staff members.  The level of their weapon includes 5 Lab Technician, 8 BSc, 9 on study to be plus 6 MSc, 3 on study leave for PHD and 1 Assistance Professor. They are highly committed to work in quality, research and community service. 

6.Student profile

Currently the department is hosting and serving 345 regular undergraduate students in 5 batches. In 2008 the department graduated 19 students.

7.Laboratory Facilities

The department has equipped its center of practice and research activities with the following educational tools:

  • Heat and mass transfer lab
  • Reaction lab
  • Process Control lab
  • Environmental lab
  • Mechanical unit operation lab
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Analytical lab
  • Computer Laboratories

8  near Future plans

  • opening “Biochemical Engineering Stream”
  • Openining masters program in “Biochemical Engineering and Process Engineering” programs
  • Expanding the current research activities.
  • Upgrading every staff academic level to masters and above
  • Actively participate in applicable and market oriented research and community service.