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Wolkite University (WKU) is among the ten  newly founded universities in the year 2012. The foundation stone was laid by the late Prime Minister, His Excellency Mr. Meles Zenawi, in November 2009 in a plain landscape which is quite ideal for academic pursuit.

After four consecutive years of the  teaching -learning process, the University celebrates the second convocations by about 500 students in six different colleges in different field of study with the presence of honorable and distinguished guests,  members of the University board, the surrounding society, society of the University, and students' families.

His Excellency Mr. Mekuriya Haile, Minster of Construction, Urban, and Housing Development  and Administrative chairperson of the University board, and  Pr. Dejene Ayele, President of the University, conferred message about the progress of the university and advise to graduates. In the message that they give to the graduates, graduates are responsible in moving the country one step forth, creating their own job, participating in any innovative activities and are liable in changing the theory they have grasped in the class in to practice since one of the main objectives of the establishment of the  University is to fill the human resource gap which is existed in the country.

Finally, after awards are given for high achiever students by the distinguished guests, the ceremony ended with the song of the National Anthem.

Computing at the speed of light[1]


Ultra Compact Beam Splitter

According to University of Utah researchers have developed an ultra compact beam splitter for dividing light waves into separate channels for information, a

breakthrough say they could lead to the next generation of computers and mobile devices that can operate at speeds millions of times faster than conventional machines

The researchers say the device is a step toward the development of silicon photonic chips that compute and shuttle data with light rather than electrons. Although light is the fastest medium that can be used to transmit information, that information.

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Another MOU signed between Wolkite University and University of Nusantara PGRI Kediri, Indonesia. During the visit of Professor Dejene and Dr. Shekhar to Sarjah, UAE, on behalf of Event of MOU Wolkite University Prof. Dejene has signed a MOUs with University of Nusantara PGRI Kediri, Indonesia on 5 th May 2015. The both organizations have agreed to establish a joint working relationship with the signing of MoU. Both Universities agreed to mutually support & co-ordinate the following activities –

  1. Study opportunities for visiting and international students

  2. Exchange of students, faculty and staff

  3. Articulated student transfers

  4. Interaction between teaching and administrative programs

  5. Reciprocal assistance for visiting faculty and staff as required for the delivery of projects (such as conferences, symposium, Event of MOUseminars and joint publications)

  6. Joint research activities within the fields of study to be mutually agreed and subject to availability of funds

  7. Joint externally funded projects

  8. Other partnerships that strengthen the mutual commitment of the Parties to a long-term relationship



Pr. Dejene Ayele
Wolkite University
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Ato Mohammed Ahmedin
Wolkite University
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