Kassahun   Abie (Assistant Professor)

Kassahun Abie (Assistant Professor)

Ecotourism and wildlife Management - Lecturer

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Currently, Kassahun is serving as Director of Academic Affairs of Wolkite University. Academically, he has attended and completed his first degree in wildlife and ecotourism management from Hawassa University (2007-2009). Immediate to his graduation, he has started his career service in Madda Walabu University as fulltime instructor. Kassahun has earned his second degree (MSc.) in ecology and systematic zoology from Addis Ababa University on the year 2013. Then, he has returned back to the aforementioned University and served as lecturer, researcher, and head of ecotourism and biodiversity conservation department until September 2015.

Since October 2015 up to date, he is working in Wolkite University, department of wildlife and ecotourism management as fulltime lecturer and researcher. During his academic career, has taught number of undergraduate and graduate courses including wildlife management, ecology, protected area management, biodiversity conservation and management, ecotourism principles and approaches and many other related courses. Besides teaching, he has also delivered fruitful and effective community services for the nearby communities. He is actively engaged in many research projects in collaboration with different scholars and organization; of which he has published 10 research articles in different internationally reputable journals. Kassahun has served as head department of wildlife and ecotourism management, coordinator of research, community service and University-industry linkage of Agriculture and Natural Resource College, and Deputy Director of research and development directorate, Dean of Graduate Studies of Wolkite University. By considering all his managerial and scholastic contribution, Senate of Wolkite University has endorsed his promotion from lecturer to assistant professor, unanimously as of July 04, 2018.

Kassahun is working hard to turn his office into center of excellence. He works in team, and maintains a positive working relationship with his colleagues. His management style is extremely accessible. As a result, he has the capacity and enthusiasm to take any responsibility. As a result, Wolkite University is benefited from his experience and motivation.

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Ethiopia is rich in wildlife resources with high endemism. Kassahun is highly interested to contribute his own role in the conservation and sustainable utilization of these resources. Hence, conducting a research and determine the way forward is his priority.



Protected areas in Ethiopia are facing serious anthropogenic effect at alarming rate. These protected areas are refuges for wild animals. Therefore, he is interested to investigate the root causes, and maintain the ecology of wild animals.



Natural and cultural ecotourism resources of Ethiopia are highly diversified. But, the local communities are not benefited as to the expected level. Consequently, he is so interested to benefit local people through community based ecotourism project development and other related tools.



Geographical position, range of altitude, rainfall pattern and soil variability contributed for existence of an immense ecological diversity and a huge wealth of biological resources of Ethiopia. These biological resources are fundamental to human wellbeing. Unfortunately, human activities are greatly affecting biodiversity. Hence, he has an interest to be part of the solution through conducting researches and community awareness creation and mobility.


Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem services play an important role in supporting economic activity, development and general human well-being. To manage ecosystem service sustainably as an asset underpinning the economy, it is essential to be able to assess the status and trends of these services and flow of values. Hence, the need for ecosystem service measurement and study is increasingly recognized as a key part of appropriate management and sustainable utilization. As result, I’m so keen to take part in such kind of research projects.

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Mekoya Mamo, Abdella Gure, Fanuel Kebede, Kassahun Abie, Adissu Assefa (2019). Population status and habitat preference of Soemmerring’s gazelle in Alledeghi Wildlife Reserve, Eastern Ethiopia. African Journal of Ecology.57(3):404-410



Kassahun Abie, Belete Tilahun, Abel Feyisa, Tewodros Kumssa, Alemneh Amare (2019). Bird species diversity and distribution in the case of protected area. Species. 20: 90-100.



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Kassahun Abie, Afework Bekele and Addisu Mekonen (2017). Daily Activity, Feeding Ecology, and Habitat Association of Gelada baboon (Theropithecus gelada) around Debre-Libanos, Northwest Shewa Zone, Ethiopia. International Journal of Biodiversity Conservation and Management. 9(6):232-238.



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Alemayehu Wudneh, Adbunasir Yenus and Kassahun Abie (2017). Impact of Intensive Farming Practice on Water Resources: Implication for Human and Livestock Drinking, Sinana District, South East Ethiopia. Journal of Hydrogeology and Hydrologic engineering. 6(1): 165-172.



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