Yohannes  Besufekad

Yohannes Besufekad

Biotechnology - Lecturer

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Mr. Yohannes Besufekad has joined the department of Biotechnology, Wolkite University, since 2013; Has been managing the department for the last three years (2013-2016) and was part of the institutional strategy plan developing team in Wolkite University. He did his MSc in Jimma University, in Plant Biotechnology. He also attended workshops on biotechnology, genomics and bioinformatics held at Abuja-Nigeria and Nairobi-Kenya in the past years.  

Research Interest

Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Genomics and Bioinformatics


1.   Yohannes Besufekad, Pandian Malayarsa (2017) Production of monoclonal antibodies in transgenic plants. Jounal of Advances in Biology and Biotechnology.12:1-8.

2.   Abreham Bekele, Yohannes Besufekad, Samuel Adugna, Degsew Yinur (2017) Screening of selected accessions of Ethiopian sesame (Sesame indicum L.) for salt tolerance. Journal of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology. 9: 82-94.

3.   Yohannes Besufekad, Kassahun Besufekad (2013) Evaluation and Association Mapping for Drought Tolerance in Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench]. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research. 13:5.

Ongoing community service project

Mushroom production training for selected unemployed youth and farmers of selected Gurage Zone, market assessment and linkage initiation” Since Dec- 2016

Ongoing research project

Development and Promotion of Starter Cultures for Enset Fermentation