Tesfaye  Assefa

Tesfaye Assefa


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I am currently Serving at the job post of Lecturer at the Department of Physics of Wolkite University. I was graduated with MSc. Degree in Physics from Addis Ababa University in August, 2007. My graduate thesis work was on the study of Fluorescence spectra of Co(II) complexes with ninhydrin derived Schiff bases of amino acids (glycine and alanine) that are known to have antimicrobial activity. The study has shown, the metal complexes have strong excitation and emission spectra at two wavelengths that correspond to two equilibrium structures. I am familiar with experimental and theoretical techniques in optical and LASER spectroscopy. I have teaching experience of more than fourteen years in three universities.

My future interest is to work on optical methods of various spectroscopic methods to determine properties and characteristics of molecular and atomic systems for different applications in physics and Biophysics. My most peculiar interest is to understand the nature of life and its complex mechanisms that arise due to a result of many factors which makes the science unpredictable and nominal. Optical methods give a lot of advantages to study such properties without invasive actions that change the conditions of the experiments. 

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LASER Spectroscopy

Optical spectroscopy, Photonics and Bio-photonics


Quantum Theory

Quantum interpretations, quantum information and quantum computation


Material Science

Alloys and Biomaterials





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On Quantum Reality

Review study on the objective and subjective natures of Quantum Mechanics

In progress



On Solar irradiance sustainability in Guragea Zone

A study on sustainability of solar irradiance for household energy source in Guragea zone

In progress



Survey of House Hold Energy Consumption in Guragea Zone

A study for identification of major energy sources in rural areas of Guragea zone and their environmental impacts

In Progress



Relativistic Light Cone and Causality 

Review study on cause and effect relations of events in light cone according to special theory of relativity

In progress