Tadesu  Hailu

Tadesu Hailu

Chemistry - Lecturer

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I am Tadesu Hailu Mengesha from Ethiopia. I was born in 1980 E.C. I completed B.Ed. degree in Chemistry (July 2009) fromMadawalabu University and M.Sc. degree in Analytical Chemistry (July, 12/2012) from Hawassa University, Ethiopia. After my undergraduate and graduate study, I have been employedas lecturer of Analytical Chemistry at Wolkite University, Ethiopia and, I am working in this University as a Lecturer and Research, Community Service and University-industry Linkage Coordinator of the College until now. During these working years I’ve thought theoretical courses like University Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Fundamental AnalyticalChemistry, Instrumental Analysis I, Instrumental Analysis II, AnalyticalChemistry and Instrumentation and practical courses like Practical Analytical Chemistry, Practical Instrumental Analysis I, Practical Instrumental Analysis II and Real Sample Analysis and also I’ve advised seven undergraduate students during their senior project work. In addition to the teaching learning activities, I’ve participated in different committees like research and community service chairman, DC secretary, of the department and laboratory technique committee of the college at large and different community service activities.  Moreover, I’ve participated on trainings of Spectroscopic Techniques (AAS, Uv, NMR and FT-IR) at Addis Ababa University, Higher diploma program, Statistical software (SPSS, ANOVA, STATA), Research methodology, LATEX software, Scientific research writing and publication and Basics of grant writing at Wolkite University.

Research interest:

  1. Environmental monitoring on, studies of the quality of water and pollutants contents of effluents and residues;
  2. Development of sensor systems and analytical routines, including quality assurance of environmental data (theoretical and applied aspects);
  3. Working on novel analytical technologies (chromatographic techniques (GC, HPLC, SFC, SME), spectroscopic techniques (FAAS, GAAS, RS, UV-Vis, IR, NMR, GC-MS, ICP) and electronalytical techniques (potentiometery, cyclic voltammetry, conductometry, polarography)and develop methods for antibiotic and toxicological assessment of food systems in relation to food safety;
  4. Assessment of Environmental Fate of Pollutants, Speciation of Pollutants, phytochemical investigation and characterization of secondary metabolites using instrumental techniques.

Research conducted: Phytochemical study and antimicrobial activities of false banana (Ensete ventricosumWelwcheesman) from selected woredas of Guraghe Zone, Ethiopia, and determination of Pesticide Residue Levels in Khat (Catha Edulis) leaves From Selected Woredas of Gurage Zone, Ethiopia with novel analytical techniques in collaboration with my colleagues.


Publication: ongoing


Ongoing research community work project: I don’t have, butwedo have two community service projects proposals with my colleagues on quality of education and entrepreneurship which will be conducted this year

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