Andamlak Dendir

Andamlak Dendir

Public Health - Dean of medicine and health sciences

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I was born in 29th/May/1989 G.C in wolkite Town,Gubre sub-city   which  is the capital  city of Gurage Zone in southern region of Ethiopia.  I had got Primary , secondary and preparatory  education from,Cheha Jato Elementary School ,Gubre Abaferansa school and Goro comprehensive secondary and preparatory school  respectively.

I obtained   Bachelor Degree diploma in public health from Hawassa University in 2011 G.C and Masters Degree diploma in public health epidemiology from Addis Ababa University   in 2014 G.C. regarding the work experience; I do have at total of   six years of experience as a lecturer.  I served to Mizan Tepi University for two years period (from 2012-2013) and in fall of 2013G.C I transferred to Wolkite university for good.  Currently I am serving as a lecturer and dean of Medicine and Health Sciences College, Wolkite University

Research interest:-   since epidemiology consider all health and health related problem or events I dove I broad research area /interest . Here below is,the list of research  and community service project that were done in different time yet not published.

  1. Unpacking the linkage between maternal empowerment and food insecurity under nutrition among under five year children in butajira and atat hospital,SNNPR: facility based case control study
  2. Decomposing the burden of global malnutrition and its associated factor in Gurage zone ,SNNPR:community based cross-sectional study
  3. Determinants of low birth weight among neonates delivered in public hospital of Gurage zone,SNNPR: case control study.
  4. Improving the long acting family planning utilization in gurage zone. Community service project
  5. Divulging environmental correlates of  clinical malaria  in Gurage zone SNNPR:case control study: ongoing study