Abdo  Ababor

Abdo Ababor

Information Technology - Lecturer

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I was born 05/05/1981 E.C. in Sokoru, Jimma zone south west Oromia. From grade 1 up to grade 12 in Sokoru until 2000 E.C. I Joined Jimma University in 2001 E.C. I graduated BSc degree after four years in 2004 E.C. in Information Technology. After two years work experience at Wolkite University I was Study post graduate in Information Technology at Jimma University for two years 2007/8 E.C. Currently I’m working as Lecturer at Wolkite University.


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Interpretation Semantic textual similarity

The research focuses on the problem of interpretable semantic textual similarity in English language. Distributional hypothesis blend with knowledge based is an approach of the work which takes pair of sentence then it identifies the chunks in each sentence align corresponding chunk, assign degree of similarity score as well as predict reason of similarity for each aligned chunks.


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Interpretation Semantic textual similarity


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