Universities are expected to contribute to scientific knowledge through organizing national research conferences. Organizing such kind of national research conferences would create enabling environment for scholars to enhance their scientific research knowledge. It is also highly believed that such types of events would facilitate ample opportunity for conducting collaborative researches for the upcoming years. Moreover, it would also create an opportunity for our academic staff to share experience with other universities staff with regards to current research activities.

Considering this fact, the third round national research conference is being held on with the grand theme of “Applied Research for Sustainable Development” here at Wolkite University. The conference is organized by research & community service vice president office. The Conference is planned to be held for two days, from April 29 to 30, 2022. The National Research Conference is expected to provide members and participants with a wealth of knowledge and information. The conference is also very crucial to share constructive and scientific ideas on academic & relevant issues among the participants.

Dr. Yohannis Gebru Research and Community Service Vice President have made welcoming address. Dr. Yohannis in his welcoming address he said that Wolkite University unlike in its infancy age has made remarking and promising achievements.

Dr. Faris Delil , President of Wolkite University, in his opening remark stated that the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) has given due attention to education as a pivotal development sector. . Dr. Faris further stated that the grand theme of the National Conference, “Applied Research for Sustainable Development”, is timely and very crucial. He also added that one of the objectives of the Higher Education is to promote and enhance research focusing on knowledge and technology transfer consistent to the country priority needs. He also elaborated that Wolkite University is striving to lay strong foundation for well-organized research system by developing number of guidelines and policies: such as research guideline, journal editorial policy, research, technology transfer and community service incentive schemes.

Dr. Solomon Binor, Director General for science and Research Affairs, Key note speaker of the conference in his part has given much more focus for Current Issues and Global Trends in Scientific Integrity. He has also given further explanation on nature ethics, social ethics, cultural ethics and professional ethics. Dr. Solomom has also given detail and additional explanation on academic publication, scientific practices in research ethics, responsible publication, scientific misconduct, predatory publishing and predatory journals. He has also given due emphasis on while researchers are publishing their research result they have to clearly identify reliable publishers.

Next to the opening speech and key note speaker presentation, parallel session programs were continued. .

As stated by the National Conference organizers, different researchers and scholars, working at different higher education institutions are expected to present their experiences and findings that indicate facts what problems have so far been observed and solutions recommended for the advancement of applied research for the sustainable development. Following the presentations, different views, questions and opinions will be reflected from the participants of the National Conference.

The opening ceremony was very colorful and supported with blessings by Gurage elders and cultural music were also presented.

The National Conference shall be continued for two days.

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