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Remedial Exam Result


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Wolkite University hosted a speaker session presented by Dr. Tadesse Biru. Invited guests and all interested participants attended the session including youth representatives from Gurage Zone. Dr. Tadese Biru, the public speech presenter has a prominent personalities with vast professional and leadership experiences. The title of the speech was “Lessons Learned from Ukraine-Russia Conflict and the Role of Ethiopian youth for Peace and Security. “

Wolkite University president, Dr. Faris Delil opened the session expressing the relevance of the topic and warmly welcome the presenter and the participants. He has also briefed about the presenter’s ample experience.

Dr. Tadesse Birru in his very charming and fascinating speech said the insufficient attention paid to the lessons from the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Consequently, this public speech was conducted in order to develop lessons in the broad middle ground, focusing on the operational level and the consequence of the war at large. Moreover, Dr. Tadesse Biru addressed in his speech the broader implications for the Ukraine-Russia conflict on future warfare and its effect on the whole world at large. Dr. Tadesse Biru also indicated, if we want to change the overall societal approach to conflict resolution and participatory democracy, we should always involve youth in the issues and we have to engage them in action.

The participants raised very interesting questions and forwarded their appreciation for the presenter.

Dr. Tadese Biru has Interdisciplinary Doctoral Degree in Social Sciences, MSc. in Economics and MA in Peace, Conflict and Diplomacy. In addition, he is doing one more PhD in Conflict Studies.

Workshop on curriculum design, multiculturalism and professionalism in Higher Education

wrkshopA Workshop on curriculum design, multiculturalism and professionalism in Higher Education was held today. The workshop is organized by Education & Behavioral Science College in collaboration with academic affairs directorate. The workshop engages participants (instructors) from all college.

The purpose of the workshop was to enable the participants to be competent enough in planning, organization, and design of learning strategies, processes, materials, and experiences towards defined learning and/or performance outcomes. Moreover, the issue of multiculturalism and professionalism in higher education and how to conduct an assessment will be also addressed in the workshop.

Wolkite University Academic affairs vice president, Dr. Habte Dula made an opening speech and he said that the training is very crucial and directly related with the trainees’ profession and it is also more capacities the trainees overall performances. The Training will be given for two consecutive days.

Students’ performance assessment training was offered for nursing instructors here in Wolkite University, today.

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Wolkite University Senate has approved the 2014/2022 graduates and the promotion of three academic staffs

Upon hearing that the list of prospective graduates from the registrar director report Wolkite University Senate has approved the following graduates.

First degree Male= 1002 Female= 429 Total= 1431

Second degree Male= 51 Female =13 Total =64

Total graduates Male =1053 Female=442 Total= 1495

Similarly, the University Senate has also given promotion for the following staffs:-

Dr. Birhanu Arage , Physics department – from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

Mr. Samuel Dessu, Public Health department- from Lecturer to Assistant Professor

Mr. Hirpasa Teressa , Biology department – from Lecturer to Assistant Professor

External Curriculum Review Workshop has been carried out, today

Wolkite University College Instructors, Administrative Staff and Students’ Special Annual Sports Competition has been launched

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