Wolkite University hosted a speaker session presented by Dr. Tadesse Biru. Invited guests and all interested participants attended the session including youth representatives from Gurage Zone. Dr. Tadese Biru, the public speech presenter has a prominent personalities with vast professional and leadership experiences. The title of the speech was “Lessons Learned from Ukraine-Russia Conflict and the Role of Ethiopian youth for Peace and Security. “

Wolkite University president, Dr. Faris Delil opened the session expressing the relevance of the topic and warmly welcome the presenter and the participants. He has also briefed about the presenter’s ample experience.

Dr. Tadesse Birru in his very charming and fascinating speech said the insufficient attention paid to the lessons from the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Consequently, this public speech was conducted in order to develop lessons in the broad middle ground, focusing on the operational level and the consequence of the war at large. Moreover, Dr. Tadesse Biru addressed in his speech the broader implications for the Ukraine-Russia conflict on future warfare and its effect on the whole world at large. Dr. Tadesse Biru also indicated, if we want to change the overall societal approach to conflict resolution and participatory democracy, we should always involve youth in the issues and we have to engage them in action.

The participants raised very interesting questions and forwarded their appreciation for the presenter.

Dr. Tadese Biru has Interdisciplinary Doctoral Degree in Social Sciences, MSc. in Economics and MA in Peace, Conflict and Diplomacy. In addition, he is doing one more PhD in Conflict Studies.

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