The training on students performance assessment (Exam blue print, Item development and OSCE) is being given for nursing staff of wolkite University, College of Medicine & Health. The training was organized by Wolkite University College of Medicine & Health Science in collaboration with Jhpiego.

The training was officially launched by Assistant Professor Teklemichael Gebru, Dean for College of Medicine & Health. During the opening speech ,Assistant Professor Teklemichael Gebru said that Jhpiego in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education is doing very well and constructive activities especially in supporting the health sector. Moreover, he also added that today’s training is the part of this activity that mainly focuses on students’ performance assessment. Assistant Professor Teklemichael Gebru also elaborated that this kind of training will play its own significant role in producing knowledgeable, skillful and attitudinal matured graduates. Furthermore, he also declared that now a day students performance assessment practice had undergone a major shift from that as a measure of students’ performance in traditional way of assessing their performance to assessing a broader area that does not only include students’ knowledge and understanding but also essential skills by focusing on learning objective based and competence based. Finally, he also addressed that this training will enhance the teachers’ the practice of performance assessment skills and these skills are few of the intended abilities that are required for teachers to practice in their classroom teaching.

As it was clearly indicated in the training program, this the four days’ onsite (in-service) training is designed to enhance members of Health Science College in improving student assessment practices through in developing and utilization of Exam blueprint, Item development and in designing and administration of OSCE. Moreover, the ultimate goal of the training is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and attitude that are required to effectively develop sample blueprints, valid written assessment, design and manage objectively structured practical examination for health science students as part of implementing competency based curricula.

The training will be expected to be continued for four consecutive days (22-25 February, 2022). The training was delivered by Miss Amarch Gashaw who came from Jhpiego center.

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