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Wolkite office of community services dedicated to organize, apply and supervise a comprehensive system of community services. Our mission is finding core problems of community to solve it. The office specifically is accountable for the provision of knowledge based training and consultancy services that develop university-community joint venture. It also organizes and coordinates outreach program.

Mainly there are two kinds of community services:

  • In campus community services: service given to students, academic staffs and the administration staffs.
  • External community services: service given to and the external campus communities are different kinds of societies, stake holders, institutions, governmental and nongovernmental organizations.  

On this webpage, I hope you will get information about the services in which we already engaged in. Therefore, you are most welcome through the contact address below if you have questions, concerns or other information regarding community services.

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Vision and Mission


To be one of the most research intensive institution in 2020, with a reputation on excellence,
leadership, impact and enriching the regional, national, and international communities through
the fruits of its research, the skills of its alumni, and the publishing of academic, educational and
developmental guiding materials.

The office will advance, preserve and promote knowledge, critical thinking and intellectual
independence to enhance the understanding, development and well-being of individuals and
society. It will achieve this by building on foundations of broad research and community
engagement with strong national and international links.

Below listed are completed and ongoing community service activities of the year 2015/16

  1. Outreach service was delivered to students of Gurage and Silti zones and Yem special woreda on STEM (Science, Technology, English and Mathematics) from July9, 2016-Augest8, and 2015 for one month.
  2. Wolkite University, college of natural science offered Training and consultancy on Improvisation of teaching and learning materials using locally available materials in biology, chemistry and physics through active learning methods for 180 basic science teachers of Guraghe zone from 15 model primary schools. It was intended from February 16-24/2016.
  3. College of social science offered Training on English language teaching pedagogy for 75 elementary English language teachers from 15 model primary schools of Gurage zone. It was intended from February 26- March 4 /2016.       
  4. Training on improving long utilization of long acting family planning service among reproductive age women was given to health officers selected from Gurage zone was delivered by Wolkite University, college of health for six months.
  5. The University of Maryland and Wolkite University are endeavoring to develop women in Agriculture program round Agena town. Women in Agriculture (WIA) Ethiopia program are to improve family food security by building university capacity to deliver training in agriculture and nutrition to limited-resource women in communities round Agena town.
  6. Wolkite University collaborated with Abeshege worda prepared more than 1,000000 nurseries of different forests to cover erosion area of Gurage Zone and distributed for six woredas.
  7. Basic training on football, athletics and baseball is delivering for Young projects of Cheha woreda, Agena woreda and Wolkite town projects.
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