Wolkite University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with “Atnet” Guragigna Music Association to work in collaboration for the overall development of Guragigna Music. On behalf of Wolkite University, Dr. Yohannis Gebru, Research & Community Service vice President, has signed the agreement ;whereas in “Atnet” Guragigna Music Association Mr. Amdemariam Admasu has signed the agreement. During the agreement Dr. Yohannis has said that in enhancing and transforming Gurage language, culture and indigenous knowledge to the next generation music plays an important role. Moreover, the profession requires more research and scientific support. Mr. Amdemariam Admasu also said that the agreement provides technical support and helps to strengthen the Guragigna language artists’ harmony. The agreement includes cooperation in research, training, professional skills exchange and provision of material support.

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