Institutional Quality Assurance and Enhancement Directorate

The structure of quality assurance directorate, formerly named Academic program & Quality Assurance, has been changed. In the new structure the office, Institutional Quality Assurance and Enhancement Directorate, is accountable to the office of the president. Besides academic quality the office is mandated with other core processes, especially the quality of student support services.




The office aspires to see WKU become one of the best ten universities in East Africa by 2035 in quality education and research through continuous improvement and commitments to quality enhancement.




The office is mandated to help Wolkite University be excellent in teaching-learning, research, community engagement and support services and offer the best services to all customers and produce competent graduates.




The Institutional Quality assurance and Enhancement office aims to insure:

  • the provision of quality education and creation of responsible citizens
  • the opening of new program based on stakeholders’ and customers’ need only
  • the provision of community service with a highest quality and minimum cost
  • the conduct of demand -driven research &societal problem-solving,
  •  the provision of support and administrative services with a highest customer satisfaction



  • Monitoring the implementation of formal quality assurance systems, policies and procedures to help any activities in the University to be consistent and responsive to the vision, mission, goal, and objectives of the university.
  • Integrating quality assurance system comprehensively, clearly and concretely in every step, every level of operation in the day-to-day work of the whole university community in order to instill quality culture.
  • Assessing the quality of core process activities (teaching-learning, research community engagement and student services) , support and administrative process activities (Information communication Technology, Human Resource Management, estate and facility management, purchase and procurement , student service, public relation, etc)  of the University;
  • Auditing all services are customer oriented, demand driven and flexible; at least 95% of the entire stakeholders rate the overall services of the University as excellent.
  • Ensures that all WKU graduates are competent and are armed with entrepreneurial skills.
  • WKU offers fast and dependable one door service
  • Improving university's overall management practices to be exemplary in good governance;

Values and principles


Pursuit of truth and freedom of expression, alignment, quality culture, quality standards competitiveness and cooperation, participatory process, fairness and equity, transparency regular review, recognition and reward system, monitoring and evaluation, cost effectiveness, responsibility and accountability, continuous improvement, interests of stakeholders, teamwork,  integrity,  communication and credibility



  •  Formulating, approving and enacting of quality assurance policies and guidelines.
  • Setting Quality assurance measures  in all core process activities and support process activities of the University;
  • Facilitating national qualifying exams to be given to final year students in different disciplines.
  • Establishing and implementing  audit system in all processes and management of the university
  • Creating and implementing a system of comprehensive and continuous national and international benchmarking of quality for continues improvements of the university.
  • Securing consistency and comparability in using baseline standards set by the university and the country
  •  Implementing and maintaining institutional performance assurance programs consistent with good management practices and university’s requirements. 
  • Ensuring the promotion of a culture of quality and continuous monitoring and improvement of all quality assessment activities within the institution.
  • Promoting and developing the quality of provision of the university services and academic activities
  • Ensuring dissemination of information relevant on quality assurance to all sectors and levels within the university
  • Ensuring representation of quality assurance matters including representation on all relevant internal and external structures.
  • Doing other activities given by the president

 Work processes of the office and its personnel


  • Institutional quality assurance& enhancement director
  • Institutional quality audit coordinator-one
  • Institutional training and quality enhancement coordinator-one
  • Performance quality audit experts-four
  • College quality assurance coordinators -eight
  • Office secretary
  • Messenger

Quality Assurance and Enhancement Focus Areas



In measuring quality, the office of Institutional Quality Assurance and Enhancement Directorate is expected to perform in line with HERQA’s ten focus areas which have detailed reference points and threshold descriptors or minimum standards.

Focus Area 1:  Vision, Mission and Educational Goals                                                            

Focus Area 2:  Governance and Management System                                                              

Focus Area 3:  Infrastructure and Learning Resources                                                             

Focus Area 4:   Academic and Support Staff                                                                           

Focus Area 5:  Student Admission and Support Services                                                        

Focus Area 6:  Program Relevance and Curriculum                                                                

Focus Area 7:  Teaching, Learning and Assessment                                                                

Focus Area 8:  Student Progression and Graduate Outcomes                                                 

Focus Area 9:  Research and Outreach Activities                                                                   

Focus Area 10:  Internal Quality Assurance                                                                            


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