• One of the objectives of Wolkite University is fastening and catalyzing socio-economic development of the community by supporting with indigenous knowledge (IK).
  • Indigenous knowledge refers to the understandings, skills and philosophies developed by societies with long histories of interaction

           with their natural surroundings (UN).

  • It is the basis for local-level decision making in agriculture, health care, food preparation, education, natural-resource management, and a host of other activities in rural communities (Warren, 1991).
  • Wolkite University indigenous knowledge development directorate was established at 2010 E.C


  • Increasing and improving the available information on indigenous knowledge.
  • Creating awareness on the importance of IK and enhancing the application of IK in development activities.
  • Forming a national network for the exchange of IK.
  • Applying important knowledge and practice of IK in development activity.

Rational for Establishment

  • Global knowledge has originated from indigenous people.
  • The Guraghe and surrounding area is rich with Indigenous knowledge, so it is important to extract and develop it.
  • In order to explore and extract the local knowledge from the people, and to give this back to the community and the world needs organized body.
  • Wolkite University Indigenous Knowledge Development Directorate is established with the aim to identify, promote and develop strategies of utilizing and conserving the Indigenous Knowledge creation and see their implications for organizational knowledge creation.


  • Geographically, WKU IK development work will consider Gurage Zone in the beginning then will expand to, Silty Zone, Yem Special Woreda and South-West Shoa Zone of Oromia then after, will expand its scope at national as well as international level.
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