Shared Vision Of WKU

To be one of the 10 universities in East Africa by 2035 G.C.


Core Values Of WKU

  1. Excellence! All operations in the university be effective, efficient, innovative, and nullifies wastages of resources including graduates from the university.
  2. Inclusiveness! The university cultivates diverse religion, gender, special interest,and develop collaboration and shared vision.
  3. Truth or integrity! The university in the university feels society responsible and every single activity in the university positively adds value to the society.
  4. Being a learning organization! Institutional development or learning and growth is a continuous culture.
  5. Accountability! The university believes in taking full accountability for addressing the university, or the associated social costs.
  6. Academic freedom! The university believes of free and critical thought and enquiry, diversity beliefs, as will as the open exchange of ideas and knowledge.   

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