Programme Overview

Together with the expansion of higher education in the country, Psychology Departments have been opened in various universities Psychology as a discipline has gone through a number of remarkable developments in Ethiopia. These dozens of universities are producing graduates of general psychology who could serve in various areas of the world of work. The importance of psychology in modern times is unquestionable. Psychology has earned recognition through its service in enhancing and preserving human happiness. Most importantly, it can become almost indispensable owing to such factors as rapid industrialization, urbanization, the change in the lifestyles of peoples, the influence of western culture, economic upheavals, the social, health, economic, and psychological effect of HIV/AIDS etc. Because of this and other related factors, life is becoming more complex and harder and beyond control for many people. Thus, in order to undertake psychological support to the needy, the development of the field of psychology has an enormous importance. Psychology program is aiming at producing well equipped and competent professionals that would serve the society in different domains and at various levels of governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Psychology at Wolkite University 

Psychology as a program was inaugurated under the College of Social Science and Humanities in 2008 E.C. accordingly, our program is now young and in its early phase.  Currently, we start the long journey by having approximately 98 first year and second year students enrolling in regular program. In doing this, the department is striving to provide our students with a sound foundation in theory, research and practical experiences relevant to applying psychology to studying and solving all levels of diverse social problems in our country. Moreover, the department has been offering various supporting courses to students of various colleges in Wolkite University thereby contributing its utmost effort in producing graduates who can apply their expertise to transform their own and community lives.

1.2 Mission

  • Our mission is to provide training in theory, research and practice in preparing our students who will use a multidisciplinary perspectives and multilevel approaches of the discipline of psychology to promote societal, organisational, group, and individual well-being.

1.3 Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must meet the admission requirement of the training program set by the Ministry of Education, legislation of the respective university and the academic commission of the respective faculty/college/institute. Moreover, for summer in-service and evening extension, a three-year diploma in social science fields, teacher education, and health related fields and BA/BSc/ BEd. holder in any social science, education, health and other related fields from a recognized college/ institution and those who can pass entrance exam prepared by the respective University applicants are eligible to the program.

1.4 Duration of the study

  • To successfully accomplish the program, students are required to attend a duration of three (3) years where each year is divided in two semesters for regular programs and for summer in-service, evening and week end programs arrangements will be made as per the respective University.

1.5 Requirements to earn the degree

To earn the BA degree in Psychology, students must pass:

  • Ten (10) compulsory modules
  • Forty-one (41) courses
  • Six (6) approved common courses
  • One (1) practicum
  • One (1) research paper (senior essay

1.6 Mode of Delivery

  • The program mode of delivery is a mixture of parallel and block mode of delivery.

1.7 Method of Teaching

  • During the teaching learning process, student centered methods will be given more emphasis. The specific teaching methods to be used are Lecture method, discussion, presentation, Field work, independent learning, demonstration, project work, etc.

1.8 Degree Nomenclature

  • Successful graduates will be awarded “Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology (የባችለር ዲግሪ በሳይኮሎጂ)”
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