1. Introduction

Wolkite University is established in 2004 E.C as one of the public universities of the country. From the ten colleges, which are organized in the academic wing of the university, College of Social Science and Humanities is the one. Under College of Social Science and Humanities there are seven departments including our department i.e. Governance and Development Studies (here after GaDS) Department. The department of Governance and Development has been opened in 2007 E.C enrolling around one hundred students with two sections. Now a days the department has a total of three hundred fifteen students.

  1. Mission, vision and value of the department

2.1 mission of the department

  • Producing citizens which can be an asset for the development of democratic culture,
  • Producing citizens that’s play a great role in Sustainable development of our country
  • Producing responsible and hardworking citizen
  • Conducting different research and community service that can solve the problem of the community

2.2 Visions of the department

To be one among 10 African universities which teaches governance and development studies regarding teaching learning and research.

2.3 values of the department

  • Student first
  • Quality education
  • Academic freedom and responsibility
  • Teamwork
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