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Bogale  Chekole

Bogale Chekole

Nursing - assistant lecturer

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  He was born in 1987EC in the north wollo region of Ethiopia, in a village called Sanka and grew up in the small village there in Sanka. When he was six went to sanka elementary school and attended his education up to grade eight there. He  went to Sanka secondary and preparatory school and followed his education up to grade 12.During that four years period in Sanka secondary and preparatory; he  participated in different school clubs like environmental protection and Red Cross as a member and facilitator. After having higher education entrance exam, he joined Wollo University health science department of comprehensive nursing and received his BA degree in comprehensive nursing with great distinction and gold medal award from university of wollo, Dessie, Ethiopia in 2009EC.The federal minister of health assigned him to join university of wolkite department of comprehensive nursing as an assistant lecturer (GA II)and now he have been working in wolkite university as an assistant lecturer.  

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 Children’s are routinely died of infectious diseases and nutritional deficiency

clinical care delivery gap

Clean and safe procedures should be implemented to deliver effective care for a client so this study area important to identify the gap(knowledge and practice of health care giver )  that challenges effective care delivery


This  area enables to identify maternal health problems specially  during pregnancy

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