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Belete  Tilahun

Belete Tilahun

Ecotourism and wildlife Management - Lecturer

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 I am Belete Tilahun, I completed my first degree in Wildlife and Ecotourism Management at Mekelle University in 2011. later on joined to Hawassa University, Wondogenet College of Forestry and Natural Resource for postgraduate study and received my MSc degree on June/2015. Since 2015, I am working as Lecturer and Researcher in the department of Wildlife and Ecotourism Management at Wolkite University. During all these times, in addition to teaching activities, I have engaged in several researches and community services project in the area of biodiversity conservation and community based ecotourism development.

Research interest:

Research area

Detail  explanation

Wildlife Diversity

I am very interested  to discovering new species of mammals, birds, fishes and reptiles in Ethiopia


I am very fascinated to investigate the potentials, opportunity and challenge of Ecotourism and benefit local people through community based ecotourism project development.

Land cover change and economic value

I would like to investigate on land cover change in conservation area of Ethiopia and economic value of different protected area

Role of protected area

Role, challenge  and opportunity protected area for biodiversity conservation

Peer reviewed Publications:

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Web link

Belete Tilahun and Melese Merewa (2016). Assessment of large mammalsā€™ potential in Tululujia Wildlife Reserve, Southwestern Ethiopia. International Journal of Agricultural and Life Sciences, 2(4), 80-86.

Available online at: http://www.skyfox.co

Kassahun Abie, Belete Tilahun, Abel Feyisa, Tewodros Kumssa, Alemneh Amare (2019).  Bird species diversity and distribution in case of protected area. Published on Journal of Species, Vol. 20, 90-100.


Belete Tilahun (2019). Ecology and Behavior of Kudu (Lesser and Greater Kudu) in Africa. Journal of Biodiversity and Endangered Species, 7:1.



Zenebe Ageru, Melese Merewa and Belete Tilahun (2016). The Current Status of Ecotourism Potential and Challenges in Sheko District, Southwestern Ethiopia. Published on Journals of Hotel and Business Management, Volume 5:143.

doi: 10.4172/2169-0286.1000143

Belete Tilahun, Kassahun Abie, Asalfew Feyisa and Alemneh Amare (2017). Attitude and Perception of Local Communities Toward Conservation Value of Gibe Sheleko National Park, Southwest Ethiopia. Published on Agricultural and Resource Economics: International Scientific E-Journal Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 65-77,

available at: www.are-journal.com

Belete Tilahun (2017). Abundance and Distribution of Lesser Kudu (Tragelaphus imberbis, Blyth, 1869) in Tululujia Wildlife Reserve, Southwestern Ethiopia. Published on Asian Journal of Applied Science and Technology (AJAST), Volume 1, Issue 9, Pages 481-495.

Available on website: www.ajast.net

Yenensh Hailu, Belete Tilahun, Habtamu Kerebeh and Tekalign Tafese (2018). Land use land cover change detection in Gibe Sheleko National Park, Southwestern Ethiopia. Agricultural and Resource Economics: International Scientific E-Journal, [Online], vol. 4, no. 4, pp. 20ā€“30,

available at:




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