English Language Improvement Centre (ELIC) of Wolkite University

  • English Language Improvement Centre (ELIC), aims to equip instructors, students and supportive staffs with appropriate English language skills,
  • It was established in 2011/12. Since then, it has been striving to serve as a training and resource centre.


  • In Ethiopia, English is playing a paramount role and even taken as a cornerstone in development of the country’s commerce, communication system, technology and education. Above all, it is being used as a medium of instruction in higher education institutions. It is often suggested that mastering English language skills within specified period of time is next to impossible especially in circumstances where the language is not used amidst the local communities. These are some of the major reasons why centers like ELIC are needed.

ELIC’s Dream

  • The Centre dreams to make Wolkite University an institution where English is better used.

ELIC’s Duties

  • ELIC provides trainings and tutorials, organizes and runs clubs/ special interest groups (group debating/discussion, drama club, film club, free talk club, female-only conversation club,…), facilitates special events (ELIC open day, English day (institution wide), English Festival, …), develops resources, and etc.

ELIC’s Plan for the Future

  • ELIC intends to have a well equipped resource centre with books and internet services. It also plans to establish language laboratory.


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