Department of Physics

The Main Study Direction:

  • Fundamental Physics, Optics, Mathematical Methods of Physics, Classical Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Solid State- Physics and Electronics, Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Statistical Physics, Sustainable Sources of Energy, Computational Physics , Research Methods and Elective courses.

The Main Study Levels: Bachelor of Sciences

  • Entry Requirements: Successful completion of the preparatory program with a pass mark in University entrance examination
  • Have diploma in physics or other related physics disciplines from any accredited higher learning institutions.

Medium of Instruction: English

Degree and Qualification: Bachelor of Science in Physics

Duration/ Study type: 3 Years / Regular

Study Program Description:

  • Physics, as one of the fundamental sciences, is concerned with the observation, understanding and prediction of natural phenomena and the behavior of man-made systems. It deals with profound questions about the nature of the universe and some of the most important practical, environmental and technological issues of our time.
  • The scope of Physics is broad and encompasses mathematical and theoretical investigation, experimental observation, computing technique, technological application, material manipulation and information processing.
  • Physicists constantly test the basic laws of nature by probing the unknown, the mysterious and the complex. They also search for new laws at the frontiers of knowledge, systematically seek novel properties of matter. They are alert to the possibility of applying physical idea and processes to new situations, and often the realization of these possibilities has had revolutionary consequences. It is with the intention of producing such physicists for the country that this curriculum has been developed.
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