Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mission Statement

The Department stands to provide practical project based training towards the production of technically sound and practically competent Engineers of global standard.

Main Study Direction - Mechanical Engineering

Entry Requirement

  • Admission at freshman level to all undergraduate full-time studies is processed and granted by the Office of the Registrar

  • Applicants should successfully complete their (10+2) preparatory education

Languages of Instruction – English

Subject Area - Mechanical Engineering

Degree and/ Qualification - Bachelor of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering

Duration/ Study Type - 5 Years Full Time/ Regular

Study Program Language – English

Study Program Description

  • The new study program has a total duration of 10 semesters including a one semester industry placement for on job training. Each semester carries about 30 ECTS and the total ECTS load of the program is 302.

  •   1st semester is devoted to orientation studies common to all engineering students.

  •   2nd to 7th semesters will focus on basic mechanical engineering studies.

  • At the end of 7th semester, students will take a holistic exam covering all basic study modules.

  •   Industry placement will be at the 8th semester following a successful holistic exam.

  •   9th semester will focus on project studies.

  •   10th semester is mainly devoted to the B.Sc.

  • Thesis of 15 ECTS load and few entrepreneurship and industrial management courses.


The program has a modularized structure and is composed of 30 modules covering important disciplines of Mechanical Engineering. Each module is offered in a time span of 1 to 2 semesters with few modules taking a maximum of 3 semesters.





Bekalu lakie (MSc)
Dean, College of Engineering & Technology
Wolkite University
Mobile: +251 911544495
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Tamru Demsis (Ph.D)
Wolkite University, 07
Wolkite, 07
+251 11 3220054
Mobile: 0930289749
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